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ERMIS FC is a Not for Profit Football Academy.
Always geared towards excellence their main goal is to support children, regardless of social status, mental or physical strength.
Even though the Academy is located in Greece, and with everything that is going on in Greece, ERMIS FC continues to produce top-notch quality players that are signing Pro contracts in National and International level; even reaching the level of becoming National Players for the Hellenic Football Association. Moreover, the quality that is performed in ERMIS FC, for the past fourteen years, resulted in various National and International collaborations with PRO Football Clubs around Europe, in countries such as: Germany, Netherlands, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain or Denmark.
With the current application we would like to introduce you to ERMIS FC Football Academy.
Take your time, enjoy it, its free.
We hope that you will like the app and support ERMIS FC's mission in supporting children, regardless of social status, mental or physical strength.
- Android OS tested on:
JELLY BEAN, KITKAT and LOLLIPOP (Android APK’s System: 4.1 to 5.1.1, or 16 – 22)

- Devices tested on:
Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nexus, LG, Tablets (7'' - 10'' inches)

More information

ERMIS FC is a Not for Profit Football Academy.
The goal of the Academy is to embrace every child, regardless of talent and physical structure, so that every child's desire for playing football can be realized.
In 2002 ERMIS FC started off with a small number of players and gradually grew in becoming one of Greece’s Top Football Academies. The Three foundations on which ERMIS FC is built on are:

Society, Health and Sports; following the Ancient Greek saying: "ΝΟΥΣ ΥΓΙΗΣ ΕΝ ΣΩΜΑΤΙ ΥΓΙΗ" (healthy mind in a healthy body).

The Three Pylons and our 9 Principles:

Society stands for: Communication, Personality and Family
Health focuses on: Body, Soul and Spirit
Sports represents: Endurance, Technique and Tactics

The Three Pylons of ERMIS FC are considered of imperative importance for training our students in game success and in their behavioural patterns; in dealing with their everyday circumstances. Furthermore, ERMIS FC promotes team-play (aka team spirit) which also builds on human relations.

Every student in ERMIS FC, regardless of his or her performance, is very well respected by both the trainers and his or her team-players. The main focus of our efforts is to keep a balance between the 9 Principles of the Academy's 3 Pylons.

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