Volos Family Land




Volos Family Land is part of VFL and occupies an area of over 3500 square meters.

The main focus of Volos Family Land is: recreational activities and services concerning the entire family.

Visiting Volos Family Land, your family can relax and enjoy its time in a carefree manner. On the one hand, the kids can exploit the entire spectrum of games and activities that Volos Family Land has to offer. On the other hand, parents can spend their time by surfing the internet (by making use of our free Wi-Fi connections), watch their favourite shows via our giga-projectors, enjoy their drinks, their food and relax under the starry sky with a magnificent view of the entire city of Volos.

Moreover, so as to ensure that the parents, with their family, will have a great time during their visit, Volos Family Land employs the best professionals so as to guarantee the safety of the youngsters, the quality of its products and the speedy services.

Volos Family Land's purpose is to ensure to you, and your family, a wonderful time.

Why not give it a try and enter a world of enjoyment by visiting Volos Family Land?

Recent Posts

June 16, 2016

The Party goes on...

Regardless the day or the hour, day or night, in Volos Family Land the kids' parties go on and on… With only one goal: the happiness of the children...

May 14, 2016

Volos Family Land Opens its Gates

For the 10th consecutive year, Volos Family Land opens its Gates for the Summer Season of 2016. Join us and have a great time together with your family.


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